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Through our special programming and access for supporters, you can be part of a renown and unique mission — and you’ll find a window into science available nowhere else. You may specify an amount other than the values listed, and if the amount is more than $5000 or you would like to donate via direct wire, please feel free to contact us to process payment. Minimum donation is $5

Research with a Mission​

With a startup-level budget and the support of a community of like-minded thinkers, we achieve biggest-result human resiliency research, and our programs aim to help thousands of students, professionals, and partners to achieve impact in business, academia, and society.

At the Norfolk Institute, we pride ourselves on being bold – a place where big thinkers can come together to explore the challenges of human resiliency of Earth and beyond our world. The institute attracts scientists, philosophers, business leaders, artists, and others who share an insatiable curiosity about our world.

Fund the Future

Supporting the Norfolk Institute provides a unique opportunity to impact the future of humanity. Our team and research fellows, scholars, intellectuals, business leaders, and artists, explore complex systems like economies, ecosystems, human development, innovation, artificial intelligence, the origin of life, and more in the form of research, partnerships, incubator, and meetings.


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