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About Us

We work toward the resiliency
of the human species.

We understand this can only be achieved in ways that sustain the biospheres where we live. As Earth moves dangerously toward a possible future of climate change, collapse of agricultural systems, pandemics, mass migrations of populations, and greater inequities in distribution of resources, it has become more important than ever to develop the knowledge and capacity to solve the problems that threaten our existence and prevent us from thriving. Maintaining Earth as our foundational home, we can then take this knowledge and use it to expand human living to extreme environments on Earth and out into space.


Our Research Pillars


We inquire into critical problems of complex human systems:

  • Habitation

  • Agriculture

  • Biospherics

  • Health

  • Means


Why Now?

Climate change poses an urgent threat with the collapse of agricultural and ecological systems, pandemics, and mass migrations of populations. We must enable people to survive and thrive where they are and where they go.

The Challenge


  • Institutional exclusivity reduces collaboration

  • Complex global challenges are oversimplified, stove-piped in disparate disciplines 

  • Research can appear trivial and unattractive to broad sources of funding

  • Inefficient management of intellectual property detracts from innovation and commercialization opportunities

  • Non-strategic allocation of resources and grants results in waste of investments and irreproducibility

  • Access to Space and related technology is still limited and capital intensive

Our Work

We have established a cross-sector, cross-discipline collaboration platform to match mission-focused value chain participants through benefactor-targeted R&D, funded by bundled capital investments, in order to innovate and accelerate technologies into commercial markets to solve problems of human resilience on Earth and in Space.

Here are some things we are doing:

Current Projects

Soil Health in Space


Terraform Sustainability Assessment Framework for Bioregenerative Life Support Systems

Pancosmorio (world limit) theory of the sustainability of human migration and settlement in space

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