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Commercialization Process

Cradle -to- Deployment

Accelerating Solutions to Market

Cradle-to-deployment research and development cycle unique to the Norfolk Institute. Peerless, accelerated innovation & commercialization methodology to speed solutions to the market. 

Cradle-to-Deployment Methodology

Targeted Funding


Major funding from endowments, foundations, and societies to solve specific problems

Topical Expertise


Multi-disciplinary research and development through open collaboration, topical experts, and implementation partners

Accelerated Commercialization


Solution and application industry providers integrate the knowledge and intellectual property into market solutions for specific problems.

Deployed Solution


Ends users and beneficiaries integrate market solutions into their operations supported by Mission Pillars.

Cradle-to-Deployment Value Streams

Mission Pillar
Endowed Benefactors
Researchers & Academic
Solution Providers
End User Beneficiaries
Food security, land rights orgs
Food security, Nutrition, Forestry, Husbandry
AgTech companies, Alt-meat companies
Farms, fisheries, real estate developers, land owners, insurance, consumer food
Environmental orgs
Environmental Degradation and Climate Change, Energy, Ecology
Green/renewable tech, carbon trading, aerospace
Energy companies, heavy industry, real estate developers, insurance, forestry, land management, government, military
“Find-the-cure” orgs
Disease and Aging, Immunology, Oncology
Pharmaceuticals, biomedical
Insurance, Medical industry, consumer health, government, military
Innovation, Employment, and Academic orgs
Economics, Policy, Poverty, STEM Literacy
Ed tech, policy advocates, accelerators
Education providers, financial institutions and exchanges, governments, startups
Land rights, human rights, urbanization, relief orgs
Economic Migration, Disaster Displacement, and Community Blight
Habitation, manufacturers, dwell tech companies
Construction, real estate developers, communities, government, military
Research Extension Themes

Our extension themes enhance research and development in our pillars with the application of advanced topics and technologies.


Gene Editing

3D Scans

Life Extension

Roof Garden

Terraforming & Controlled Environments

3D Printer

Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

Laser Cutting

Advanced Construction Technologies

Robot Hand

Human Augmentation & Robotics


Advanced Energy Technologies


Machine Intelligence


Space Exploration Technologies

Image by Pierre Borthiry

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain

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