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Lee is a scientist and engineer. Lee conducts scientific research with application to space physics and planetary science in the scientific theories of ecological thermodynamics, network ecology, and human sustainability. Lee is also a power systems and environmental engineer with experience in power system design and production, hazardous environment decontamination, environmental remediation, and large-scale engineering and construction projects, including some of the largest ships (floating cities) on Earth oceans. You can find podcast interviews of Lee on The Space Show and on Space 3D.

Dan is an innovative entrepreneur and big data pioneer who has advised a wide variety of web-centric businesses and brands by blending his creative, strategic, and technological abilities. He is a seasoned startup and open source veteran, with domain expertise in Space Exploration, Defense and Intelligence, big data, and consumer web. He has built bleeding edge consumer-facing technology, data-intensive applications, and media experiences from the International Space Station to Times Square.

In 2019, Lee and partner Dan Lopez started Norfolk Institute to promote scientific research in human sustainability on Earth and in space. Learn more about the work that Norfolk Institute has sponsored since our start.

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Lee Irons

Executive Director

Co-Founder & Board Chair

Dan Lopez

Board Director

Co-Founder & Board Member
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