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Drawing on a Board

Join the Norfolk Institute

A Powerful Force for Innovation

Partner with research and development communities to create a force-multiplier and supercharge the future of technology that enables humans on Earth and in Space.

Shared Value


Our goal is to instantiate, sustain, and scale collective economic value of research projects and radically transform fundamental science commercialization.

The Institute's research will result in a growing corpus of work by thousands of researchers encouraged by our ecosystem, which attract the long-term support and investment of a diverse group of academics and organizations. 

As these communities of interest grow, evolve and enjoy success, resources are funneled back into the further development of the research pillars for the benefit of all.

The Platform


Your contributions and support help the Institute to provide its supporting programs that enable its many hosted research project communities to thrive. In addition to the opportunities presented by networking, learning, and working with other member organizations that are using and contributing to the Institute projects, there are many other benefits associated with a membership that include Marketing, Training, and Funding opportunities.

The Institute


  • Industry memberships for   commercial, academic, government, non-profit, and individuals

  • Structured as a 501(c)6

  • Directors - Officers, Members

  • Execute mission roadmap &  Chartered Pillars

  • Budget/appropriate funds to Pillar Charters

Directed Funds


  • Accounting managed by Norfolk Institute

  • Revenue from dues of  Directed Fund Members

  • Additional funding from Corporate Fund

  • Develop Intellectual Property (IP)

Pillar Charters


  • Develop solutions to support Mission Pillars

  • Governed by Charter Boards

  • Funded by corp funds and Directed Funds

Extension Fund


  • Accounting managed by Norfolk Institute

  • Revenue from individuals, non-member donations

  • Additional funding from Corporate Fund

  • Support R&D and develop IP in Extension Theme

Charter Boards


  • Representatives: Norfolk Institute Board Directors, Directed Fund Members

  • Develop value streams, select proposals to fund

  • Budget and appropriate from Directed Funds

Intellectual Property Pools


  • Patents and licensing owned by Norfolk Institute

  • Access to free and advantaged  licensing to Corp & Directed Fund Members

  • License fees to Associate Members and market

  • Royalties reinvested in Directed Funds


Why Join the Norfolk Institute?

  • Enables foundational legal work to improve the quality (licensing, export controls, trademark programs, privacy programs, etc.) of our upstream Pillars that you incorporate into your products and solutions.

  • Supports the creation of best practices materials covering each stage of the Cradle-to-Deployment research and development journey. Materials include foundational research value proposition materials, setting up and running a Pillar-oriented  program office and charter, governance and contribution workflows, tooling, templates, program management, and commercialization practices.

  • Enables the Norfolk Institute to operate as a global organization.

  • Enables a legal structure for projects to be created under a neutral governance model.

  • Supports the Norfolk Institute and its organizations, overall development of technologies and IP, and salaries for full-time research fellows.

  • Supports research initiatives critical for human resiliency and planetary exploration, facilitating an industry response to these challenges.

  • Enables the Norfolk Institute to provide travel and mentorship funding to help train and engage future contributors to our Pillar communities.

  • Supports essential IP protection for research and development, including our support for a unified patent and commercialization approach that benefits all users and vendors that can leverage this technology.

  • Supports foundational research on human resiliency, including our partnerships with major academic, governmental, and non-governmental organizations.

Benefactor Members

  • Appoint a voting representative to the associated Charter Board

  • Entitled  to free licensing of Directed Fund and common intellectual properties


Industry Members

  • Appoint a representative to the associated Charter Board

  • As a member class, one vote for every ten Industry Members

  • Entitled  to licensing of Directed Fund intellectual property (included)


End User Members

  • Appoint a voting representative on the associated Charter Board from a common End User member class

  • Entitled to discounted or preferred licensing of Directed Fund intellectual properties


Associate Members

  • Invited by the Charter Board as subject matter experts

  • Appoint a non-voting representative to the Charter Board

  • NOT entitled to free licensing of Directed Fund intellectual properties

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