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Plant Biologist

Research in human resiliency

Enabling Human Life

on Earth & in Space

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Our Mission

We work toward the resiliency of the human species. We understand this involves systems at every level of human existence, from the human body to the ecosystems in which humans live.

As Earth moves dangerously toward a possible future of climate change, collapse of agricultural systems, pandemics, mass migrations of populations, and greater inequities in distribution of resources, it has become more important than ever to develop the knowledge and capacity to solve the problems that threaten our existence and prevent us from thriving.


Research Pillars

Our pillars of research and development in human resilience require cross-disciplinary effort and large-scale solutions to address system-wide problems.

Cross-discipline Approach

We invite researchers from any field of study to apply their discipline to our pillars of habitation, agriculture, biospherics, health, and means. We are seeking researchers in the areas of:


Biological Sciences & Engineering

Survival of life in extreme environments on Earth and in Space


Environmental Sciences & Engineering

Function and control of biogeochemical cycles, and interdependence in micro and macro scales


Physical Sciences & Engineering

Efficiency and renewability of sources and managing of pathways


Economics, Finance, Security, & Strategic Studies

Creation and sustainment of local economies and building of resilient supply chains


Information Sciences & Engineering

Extension of human capability and creation of artificial agency with robotics, and artificial intelligence


Sociological & Political Sciences

Stability of local, international, and interplanetary social structures

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